State of learning report – Learning at work 2020

This report is designed to provide data driven insights and actionable takeaways to inform the development and delivery of your L&D strategy within the current global climate – helping teams to strengthen their skills, find resilience, adapt and thrive.

800 learning and development professionals were surveyed about the opportunities, challenges and priorities for learning

Reviewed the topics trending on our global Go1 Content Hub, used by over 1.5 million learners

6 trends were discovered:


  • Matching the demand for online learning with the right content and tools
  • Hot topics for corporate training in 2020 (What does the data show us)
  • The long and short of it – content format matters
  • Developing leaders is the biggest challenge (Professional Development)
  • Executive buy-in is still the final Hurdle (Executive Buy in)
  • L&D in the time of Covid


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