• Our vision is to make learning natural. We make learning happen.

    We’ll help you become the workplace everyone wants to be a part of

    People & Culture - Technology - Continuous Learning

    We’ll help you become the workplace everyone wants to be a part of

Our mission

We take you to the learning of the future with digitalization and innovation. We develop modern, people-centric and efficient learning solutions on quality assured technologies.

Core Values

Growth & <span style="color: #dd533c;">Challenge</span>

Growth & Challenge

We encourage continuous learning where people are inspired by technology.

<span style="color: #dd533c;">Communication</span> & Curiosity

Communication & Curiosity

We are convinced that this, in combination with digital technology, is the key to success.

<span style="color: #dd533c;">Considerate</span> & Professional

Considerate & Professional

We are responsive and customer-focused. We are permeated by the Snabbfoting spirit without compromising on quality.


Snabbfoting – the digital learning professionals

Snabbfoting Group AB is a Nordic edtech consulting company that digitizes learning and bridges knowledge gaps on leading SaaS and on-premises platforms for large organizations in the Nordic region. Our learning solutions increase engagement, improve the learning curve, and bridge the knowledge gap between training experience and work performance.

The Snabbfoting spirit means – that we’re curious, dynamic and quick on our feet. You’ll get a local, personal and committed team that spreads our passion for natural learning.

We work with long-term client relationships and give you security and valuable expertise. We have over 50 years of combined knowledge in edtech and natural learning between us and our selected partners and vendors.

natural learning, engaged and proud employee

This is our view on learning

Future learning should be easily accessible, individualized and continuous. Our long-term strategic goal is to have realized this for over 1 million engaged and proud users within 10 years.

Ewa Hutmacher, CEO, co-founder

A visionary who gets things done. Ewa goes from requirement to solution with actionable results.

Phone: +46 8 515 107 20
Email: [email protected]
Linked In: Ewa Hutmacher

Daniel Hutmacher, CTO, co-founder

Masters complex technical problems on a daily basis. Daniel optimizes and increases the value in every solution.

Phone: +46 8 515 107 20
Email: [email protected]
Linked In: Daniel Hutmacher