• We ensure your learning investment becomes useful and effective.

    We make learning happen.

    Millions are spent every year on training that doesn’t bridge the learning and performance gap. However, only a fraction of that investment results in real improvement and measurable results. Here’s where Snabbfoting can help!

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    We make learning happen.

Skills are perishables. How can we help?

We ensure your learning investment becomes useful and effective.

We develop <span style="color: #dd533c;">modern</span> and <span style="color: #dd533c;">efficient</span> learning solutions with <span style="color: #dd533c;">your</span> content.

We develop modern and efficient learning solutions with your content.

Our Edtech Advisors develop modern experiences and learning design that increase engagement and learning. We onboard and implement your education solution in collaboration with your subject-matter experts. With the client in focus, we create long-term relationships without compromising on quality. We look forward to increasing the efficacy of your learning investment.
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<span style="color: #dd533c;">Award-winning</span> platforms and <span style="color: #dd533c;">powerful</span> learning metrics improve your <span style="color: #dd533c;">outcome</span>.

Award-winning platforms and powerful learning metrics improve your outcome.

Our Edtech Advisors can discuss your needs and help you optimize your requirements. We are dynamic with the customer in focus. We are used to questions regarding system integrations, content management in large companies, processes for multinational organizations and modern SaaS and on-premises platforms.
Don't forget the numbers! We provide you with powerful learning metrics so you can measure results and your investment.
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With our L&D Consulting services, you'll save <span style="color: #dd533c;">time</span> and <span style="color: #dd533c;">money</span> and improve <span style="color: #dd533c;">efficacy</span>.

With our L&D Consulting services, you'll save time and money and improve efficacy.

Maximize the return on your learning investment with strategies for relevant content, microlearning and reinforcement learning. Start today by booking a workshop for your decision-makers and subject-matter experts. We define and make your learning solution and strategy more efficient and powerful.
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Mobile and adaptive learning when you need it the most

Mobile-first learning is the obvious choice, as is the possibility of offline functionality. We like to simplify and create the right conditions for value-added learning.

We create learning solutions that your team instantly can apply to their work, that improve knowledge adaptation and increase engagement.

Since we work with mobile-first adaptive learning, we make sure to maximize the benefits of your learning investment with relevant content and with strategies such as microlearning and reinforcement learning.

Our learning solutions provide the opportunity for continuous learning, bridging your own critical knowledge gaps when you need it the most.

Our team collaborates with renowned partners to ensure increased customer benefits and ROI – and get the job done faster.