• Putting learners front and center

    User experiences that matter

    We put the learner front and center and drive engagement, competency and performance. With processes, selected platforms and relationships, we ensure your return on investment. Our solutions inspire curiosity, reflection and self-leadership, using learning that is relevant and in the right context.

    Future-proof your organization. We can provide you with:
    * Personalized learning and relevant content - bespoke or off-the-shelf.
    * An elegant and intuitive interface. Mobile-first or native app with your brand.
    * Online or offline availability, cloud-based or on-prem.

    User experiences that matter

We make learning happen.

The Snabbfoting spirit means that we’re curious, dynamic and quick on our feet. You’ll get a local, personal and committed team that spreads our passion for natural learning.

To be responsive and meet your needs, our business rests on three pillars.

Our three pillars can, individually or combined, meet your needs. What do you need to be able to achieve your desired outcome?


Strategic Edtech Consulting

Strategic Edtech Consulting

We’ll help you become the workplace everyone wants to be a part of. Our processes enable us to be an independent and valuable party before, during, and after a learning investment. From requirement capture and learning design to mapping and evaluation of your organization’s platforms.

Selling of Edtech Platforms and Tools

Selling of Edtech Platforms and Tools

With our Edtech Advisors, we provide you with the best solution, including our partners’ platforms that can effectively reduce costs, save time and increase the impact of learning and content implementations.

Consulting Services for Design, Development, Onboarding, and Support

Consulting Services for Design, Development, Onboarding, and Support

With a curious, dynamic and a personal team, we can help you grow a learning culture where natural learning and digitalization create the prerequisites of knowledge transfer on the job. Contact us to discuss more.

Your Strategic Edtech Partner

We’ll help you become the workplace everyone wants to be a part of.


Connect with us

Get started - a competency mapping diagnoses your organization.

The workshop is conducted with you and your stakeholders. We’ll help you diagnose things like adaptability, digital maturity and other variables that are key to succeeding in digital learning.

With the current state and a vision of the future as a stepping stone, we’ll look at what gaps exist and what you need to bridge them. This could include attracting new employees and customers, retaining current ones, competency exchange and development.

As external consultants, we can provide you with new angles and a valuable insight. The mapping can shine a light on key drivers in your organization.



We can help you make learning a natural part of your organization.