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What happens after training is over? 90% of what we learn is typically forgotten wihin a week. Not with ECHO. Grounded in science, designed for the modern learner and powered by analytics, ECHO transforms and optimizes the way you learn and perform. Download ›

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ECHO provides organizations with highly actionable data for coaching and follow up. Through its powerful analytics, managers can assess the progress of their team members and uncover knowledge gaps. Download ›

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In a multi-stakeholder context and with several projects running, excellence can be achieved only if owners, tasks, and deadlines are clear and the resources are efficiently allocated. eXact learning solutions LCMS is a one-stop-shop-technology. Download ›

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AI brings a lot of promise to learning, but it also creates a lot of confusion. What is it, exactly? And what isn’t it? What potential does it hold for learning moving forward?

People often interact with AI systems and don’t realize it. Read more in eXact learning solutions ebook. Download ›

 Case Study GE Water

GE Waters Challenge: “How can they ensure their people still know what they need to know beyond the classroom?”

As a learning and development leader, knowing that without proper reinforcement practices up to 90% of what is learned can be lost within a week, how do you justify large investments into learning events? Get in touch with us to discuss more! Download ›



How good are we at supporting learners when it matters most? Learn about why “the Moment of Need” is so important. This SwissVBS Guide include practical strategies for making sure your L&D strategy not only caters to learning needs, but performance needs as well. Download ›


What’s microlearning and how it can help your organization? When designed well, an effective microlearning strategy not only can provide tremendous learning value, but can also provide significant ROI in terms of learning asset production, as well as in-the-field performance optimization. SwissVBS share 8 key principles to help supercharge your microlearning strategy. Download ›

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Our team collaborates with renowned partners to ensure increased customer benefits and ROI – and get the job done faster.

Let’s talk about our customer cases.

Here’s how others have succeeded – Training Reinforcement in practice

In 30 minutes, we can tell you about a customer case, a deeper case study, and the effects of reinforcement training in practice.

Find out how a Fortune 100 company has managed to improve its retention and return on learning investment.

Snabbfoting Group works subject and size independently across all industries in the Nordics with the subject areas you need to strengthen within your organization.

This example is a demo for a microlearning commission within the IT sector.