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ECHO Mobile learning<br>SwissVBS

ECHO Mobile learning

Snabbfoting is partner with SwissVBS and the Nordic reseller of SwissVBS's ECHO mobile learning platform. We are a full-service provider and specialists for strategy and implementation of reinforcement learning, adaptive learning and microlearning.
With ECHO, you identify knowledge gaps early on, increase employee engagement and fill knowledge gaps with adaptive learning that ECHO creates uniquely for each participant. Participants avoid repetition and learn on the phone - while you increase your ROI. The results are evaluated with powerful learning metrics.
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eXact LCMS<br>eXact learning solutions

eXact LCMS
eXact learning solutions

Our strategic partnership with eXact learning solutions gives you access to an award-winning knowledge transfer solution where authors, teachers, subject-matter experts, content auditors, and project managers can contribute to unique and valuable educational content through all or parts of the development process.
In projects with many stakeholders and content creators – and in a context with several concurrent projects running – good results are only achieved when tasks and deadlines are clearly and effectively allocated. This is done with eXact LCMS.
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Courses from top workplace training providers<br>GO1

Courses from top workplace training providers

Through our strategic partnership with GO1, we are able to deliver thousands of courses from the world’s top content providers. A new and better way to train your team, on our platform or yours.
GO1 is an established leader in online learning and education and works alongside some of the largest companies in the world covering a wide range of industries and regions.
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Elucidat Authoring Tool<br>Elucidat

Elucidat Authoring Tool

Snabbfoting is a referral partner of Elucidat who offers an easy and scalable e-learning authoring platform for medium-sized organizations to produce, distribute and measure transformative online learning experiences. With Elucidat you can give your participants access to engaging, personalized digital learning that they can access on any device.
Your whole team, from content producers to subject-matter experts, can contribute to, review and author e-learning at any time, and with help from Elucidat’s analytics dashboards you can optimize your participants’ experience and report on the success of your content.
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With our Edtech Advisors, we provide you with the best solution, including our partners’ platforms that can effectively reduce costs, save time and increase the impact of learning and content implementations.

SwissVBS and ECHO Mobile learning app & Reinforcment learning

eXact learning solutions lcms


Elucidat Authoring tool