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Ewa Hutmacher, CEO, Snabbfoting Group AB

Our vision is to make learning natural.

Grounded in science, we work for a modern approach to competency development, where learning is a continuous journey, rather than a one-time occurrence.

Natural learning is accessible, individual and ongoing. We encourage a continuous learning where people are inspired by technology for the future of learning.

With relevance, curiosity and a personal team, we can help you grow a learning culture where natural learning and digitalization create the prerequisites of knowledge transfer on the job.

We’ll help you future-proof your organization with an approach to build proud and engaged co-workers. A workplace that everyone wants to be part of. Our goal is to make a difference to your organization and custom-design the best solution for you. Start with a competency mapping.

We make learning happen.

Here’s why you should apply natural learning

Learning is a natural part of attractive workplaces and proud co-workers.

Attractive and future-proof workplaces continuously invest in a multi-faceted learning for collaborators, customers and suppliers.

A positive introduction and competency development create participation and engagement. The time and money invested is returned many times over. The alternative means higher staff turnover, low engagement and low skills.

natural learning, curious, snabbfoting

natural learning, informal learning, snabbfoting

The natural learning is the learning that takes place.

Natural learning is a part of the work day, something that co-workers integrate in their work, like informal learning, social learning or digital e-learning. All of these learning occasions provide a vast amount of information that can support and develop each colleague to perform better. With curious leadership and an integrated learning, your organization can become more dynamic.

How can you apply natural learning in your organization?

Natural learning increases knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer on the job.

Natural learning is everyday learning that can immediately be applied to your current work. When traditional learning is augmented with informal and digital learning, knowledge transfer and performance are improved.

Today, there are powerful technologies like artificial intelligence that can enhance and personalize your company’s unique learning content.

With relevant, localized and timely content, you create an opportunity to develop curious, engaged and proud colleagues.

A learning culture with social learning and knowledge transfer between colleagues, customers and suppliers builds collaboration.

learning culture, curious, natural learning, snabbfoting

We can help you make learning a natural part of your organization.


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