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Learning culture and inclusivity creates commitment and proud coworkers.

What can a strong learning culture create?

Skills are perishables that need to be continuously maintained and developed. Using strong learning cultures, employers of the future can create the building blocks to improve the competitiveness in the market as well as build and retain proud and engaged employees.

In organizations where employees are seen and can contribute to their development, individuals, teams and management alike can accomplish new innovations and improve the long-term survivability of the organization.

The feeling of being part of a greater context and having a common vision fuels both the individual as well as the organization and its customers.

An engaged learning culture is necessary to create an attractive workplace

A recent gallup survey concluded that 59% of millennials expressed that being able to develop and learn on the job is extremely important in choosing an employer.

The survey estimates the annual cost of staff turnover due to lacking engagement to $30.5 million in the US economy alone.

These trends, that we can see here in the Nordics as well, form a new playing field where a strategy is needed for digital learning and professional development. Organizations need to adapt to and improve their awareness of everyday learning.

A learning culture makes learning on the job natural

Grounded in research, we work with a modern approach to learning, where learning is seen as a continuous journey rather than a single occurrence.

A strong learning culture makes learning natural. Knowledge transfer increases, your employees develop and share their newfound knowledge with each other. They get a sense of curiosity, commitments and results. We encourage a culture of learning that actually happens and provides measurable results. Learning you can practice on the job.

Technology, people and learning culture come naturally for us. We can help you create an enagement that drives a workplace everyone wants to be part of. Reach out to us for a competency mapping.

We make learning happen.

What do you and your stakeholders need to attract and retain employees?

Security is a prerequisite to succeed

One of our most basic needs is to feel secure. Psychologist Will Schutz describes The Good Organization in his development model The Human Element, where he posits that humans need to feel important, competent and appreciated. All of these needs are connected to fears of being ignored, humiliated or rejected. Unfortunately, these fears are primary drivers of many organizations.

The lack of security impacts learning culture and fear of failure often creates short-term actions that limit innovation and development.
Organizations with an open and permissive learning culture allow for personal development and engagement. Learners reach results though both failures and successes, their own as well as those of others.

Create commitment in goals and vision

As your employees are involved in the individual and common goals, their commitment increases. A vision of your personal and organizational future makes the work meaningful.

An attractive competency and career plan can set you apart from competing employers.

Meeting the development needs of employees and customers with modern learning

With modern learning platforms, you can strengthen your local and global competitiveness. By nurturing a learning culture that includes employees as well as vendors, resellers, even customers, you can cement cooperation throughout the entire business process.
Responding to new demands requires a new way of learning that generates a greater knowledge retention as well as attractive content.

  • Learning just-in-time with mobile learning
  • Offline content.
  • Short-form video content, “bite-size” learning
  • Adaptive and custom-designed learning
  • Social learning with sharing functions
  • Gamification
  • Localized content

Execution and results are more important than function itself. Your workplace culture ultimately impacts how well a learning initiative is received. Contact us for a meeting if you wish to discuss edtech and learning. Contact us for a meeting if you wish to discuss edtech and learning

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We can help future-proof your organization and create a framework to support proud and committed coworkers.