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A modern leadership

A curious, learning organization is a long-term winning organization.

Do your employees go to work because they have to, or because they want to? Have they chosen your organization because of a strong brand, values ​​or work culture?

Your employees need prerequisites to be motivated and committed to their work. This in order to increase your competitiveness and meet the demands of the outside world successfully.

A modern leader is curious, authentic and uses situationally aware leadership. Modern leaders inspire learning by being a role model with good self-leadership and curiosity. They provide opportunities to develop their employees through clear communication and feedback, show participation, and share responsibilities and specific goals. These are some factors that create future-proof workplaces that develop a natural learning.

Your organization has an important mission to accomplish. To make the shift from existing educational methodology to making a technological leap into the digitalized future.

How to create the conditions for your employees to succeed

Make sure that the vision is clear, inspiring and well-communicated so that all employees understand the message that you and management have a passion for.


The role responsiblility of the modern leader includes communicating both successes, as well as setbacks and shortcomings of employees. It is difficult for an employee to make improvements if they are not aware of their limitations. If you as a leader avoid difficult conversations that include negative feedback, it will be difficult to justify changes. It is part of your job to highlight knowledge gaps, but you also need to be concrete and guide your employees when they need to change and improve on a knowledge gap.

This is how you as a leader can make learning fun and developing

Maintain successful remote-work leadership by developing the skills of your leaders. Make sure your leaders get the tools they need to lead their teams successfully in the new normal.

Tips on how you as a leader can make learning more fun and developing

  • Give yourself and your leaders in the organization the prerequisites to succeed.
  • Be clear in your communication and make sure that everyone understands and is attracted by your vision.
  • Enable continuous learning that is personalized for each individual.
  • Be a role model – if you are not curious, with a desire to learn new things, how are you going to get your employees to make that effort?
  • Encourage your employees to take responsibility for their continuous learning.
  • Give constructive criticism and lift the knowledge gaps among employees with the aim of guiding employees to increased knowledge.
  • Get involved in the further development of your employees.
  • Show curiosity about technology, make it natural to dare to try new approaches and share experiences with each other.
  • Make sure your employees have a digital or real “buddy”, a supportive colleague who acts as a mentor. This is suitable for both new and existing employees.

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