Create, Manage, Reuse, Share

With eXact learning solutions you can create, store and organize documents, plan new projects and manage your team to deliver beautiful learning content.

eXact learning solutions

Our strategic partnership with eXact learning solutions gives you access to award-winning solutions. They are a leading technology company providing software solutions for knowledge and learning content management to author, manage and deliver new generation, multiple output learning content.

Create a project, associate a team, share content, and assign tasks and deadlines. Coordinate efforts and work easily with eXact learning LCMS as all staff access the same platform, same digital repository and same guidelines. Smart collaborative authoring becomes reality with the eXact learning LCMS.


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Efficient project management and workflows

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Authors, subject matter experts, tutors, reviewers and project leaders can provide specific and valuable contributions to the content development process. In this multi-stakeholder context and with many projects running, excellence can be achieved only if owners, tasks and deadlines are clear and resources efficiently allocated.

eXact learning solutions

eXact learning solutions is the leading global knowledge-transfer technology provider for collaborative learning and regulatory content management.
We partner with innovative organizations in shaping the future of content, by enabling and empowering their digital and knowledge-transformation processes.
We support efficiencies in organizations, assist in reducing delivery time, allow re-use of previous knowledge and content investments, and speed up typical ROI timescales.
We understand that it is vital to have the ability to store, create, share and collaborate, while delivering content locally and globally, and to be able to tailor to internal and external audiences.