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    Competency mapping

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We’ll help you become the workplace everyone wants to be a part of.

Target group

Leaders of Competency Development, Talent Aquisition, Director of HR or L&D Manager.

The competency mapping diagnoses your organization.

The workshop is conducted with you and your stakeholders. We’ll help you diagnose things like adaptability, digital maturity and other variables that are key to succeeding in digital learning.

With the current state and a vision of the future as a stepping stone, we’ll look at what gaps exist and what you need to bridge them. This could include attracting new employees and customers, retaining current ones, competency exchange and development.

What’s most relevant in your competency mapping, and why?

As external consultants, we can provide you with new angles and a valuable insight. The mapping can shine a light on key drivers in your organization.

We can help you implement those insights.

The key learnings from the workshop can help you save time and money. You can choose to make the changes yourselves, or by hiring our experienced consultants.

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