Global Curiosity Institute expand their partnership with Snabbfoting, an agile edtech consulting company

PRESS RELEASE, 2022-09-27, Stockholm

Global Curiosity Institute’s workplace curiosity research and expertise includes building cultures of intentional curiosity with leading curiosity diagnostics and frameworks for individuals, teams and organizations.

With the expanded partnership, effective on September 27, 2022, Snabbfoting will be able to deliver intentional curiosity services integrated in their holistic learning journeys and employee experiences, outside of the Nordics. Snabbfoting continuous to be in the forefront of learning and platforms, and the collaboration with Global Curiosity Institute strengthens our market offering.

Ewa Hutmacher, Snabbfoting, CEO and co-founder: “Curiosity is one of Snabbfoting’s pillars to enable continuous learning and business agility. Delivering successful continuous learning and digital transformations is connected to putting people front and center. It’s a people business, helping organizations enable competency and reach their goals with technology and learning experiences that matter. I’m thrilled by this partnership and how we together can provide higher value, more curious and thriving organizations.”

Stefaan van Hooydonk, Global Curiosity Institute, founder: “I am excited with the collaboration with Snabbfoting. Many leaders, organizations and professionals realize that the only way to stay ahead of the game is by being receptive to novelty: new ideas, new learning, new customer trends. Many of us however need to rediscover our childhood curiosity. The tools of the Global Curiosity Institute are helping them to reframe their status quo and practice their curiosity muscle. With the collaboration, professionals and leaders in the Nordics have easier and local language access to our services.”

Ewa Hutmacher: “When two curious and agile companies with a clear goal collaborate, we improve the outcome, speed and success. This expanded journey is just the beginning of an exciting partnership with the Global Curiosity Institute. I’m looking forward to achieving several excellent milestones in our collaborative and scaling journey from here.”

Contact information:

Ewa Hutmacher, CEO, co-founder at Snabbfoting Group AB

Phone: +46 8 515 107 20  Email: [email protected]


Stefaan van Hooydonk, author, founder of the Global Curiosity Institute

Phone: +32 483 890328  Email: [email protected]


About Snabbfoting

Snabbfoting is an edtech consulting company helping organizations digitize learning and reach their goals. Grounded in science, we apply a holistic approach of learning as a continuous journey rather than a single event. Our learning solutions increase engagement, improve the learning curve, and bridge the knowledge gap between training experience and work performance. We work with industry-leading partners and are a leader in the Nordics in continuous learning and platforms.

About the Global Curiosity Institute

The Global Curiosity Institute is committed to helping individuals, teams and organizations, in fostering a mindset of curiosity to inspire them to keep discovering and innovating. The institute does this by researching workplace curiosity and working with companies to build cultures of intentional curiosity. The Global Curiosity Institute has created a number of proprietary diagnostic tools to assist individuals and organizations to baseline their curiosity level and strategies to enhance workplace curiosity.