The brightest day of the year is here

The brightest day of the year is here and here in Sweden, summer is just around the corner.

In a few days, those of us living in Sweden will enjoy strawberries, fresh potatoes, herring and sour cream, and celebrate Midsummer’s eve together. It is good that we can once again begin to meet, showing respect and consideration for each other, and return to a life more closely resembling that before the Corona pandemic.

This year’s summer vacation coincides well with the good news of gradually easing restrictions. Now a brighter autumn awaits, along with a positive outlook of offices that we can soon visit again. We can all rejoice in this, after a time of upheaval for many of us.

For Snabbfoting, the trend this year has been bright and high paced. Things really took off in the fall, with requests for edtech consulting and onboarding driven by the pandemic. The focus and the business model we apply means that we can grow organically at a pace we’re comfortable with.

During the first half of 2021, we have grown by one employee, gained several new customers, and we see a healthy growth in our entire industry. Several investments made this year have laid the foundation for a positive development.

Our internal effort in building processes and investing in digital tools has made our work more efficient and provides a greater user experience for the end user. It is such a joy for us to see the result of our work in the solutions we deliver to our clients. A good edtech platform, UX and tailored content make all the difference.

Every new assignment we do can be compared to building a house that needs to be designed, built, filled, painted, ready for our customers to enjoy. We have no finished drawings. We have the processes, and we develop the drawings together with our customers. Your needs and behaviors are what determine what the end product does, shows, and the outcomes it delivers.

It’s just as exciting every time!

But for now, it’s summer! I hope that you get plenty of opportunity to relax in your hammock.

Thank you for following along with us. We make learning happen.

Ewa Hutmacher, CEO