We welcome Emelie Nord to the Snabbfoting team

Emelie Nord, Learning & Localization Consultant at Snabbfoting Group AB. Emelie is a star in communication and she has a great ability to create and organize – something that is a must in a fast-moving team. Text and language are her great passion and she lives as she preaches; lifelong learning and own book projects takes up her spare time as well. It is a great pleasure for us to have Emelie in our team.

What do you appreciate most about digital learning?

The flexibility and the possibility of individual adaptation. As an educator, to be able to give your participants exactly what everyone needs and as a participant to be able to focus on what is most relevant to you.

What potential do you see in digital learning compared to classroom training?

With the right digital tools, the potential is almost infinite. To be able to adapt your learning to your own everyday life in terms of time and place, but also, for example, in session length. Maybe you find it easier to absorb new knowledge in shorter bite-sized sections during the day? Or maybe you prefer a longer session during a limited time? With digital learning, you have the opportunity to set up your schedule so that it fits your work-life balance, and you can also pause and repeat presentations in a way that is not possible in the traditional classroom environment. With the help of learning metrics and the right algorithms, many systems can also adapt the participants’ exercises to their unique needs, allowing every individual to practice exactly what they need the most.

How can learning become easier to absorb in the workplace?

By being available and adapted for each individual. Some learn best by reading, others by listening. Some need to reason with others, and others just want to immerse themselves without any distractions. Time and place also matter. The night owl has as much difficulty absorbing a morning course as the early riser has trouble assimilating the content of an evening course. Some are inspired by a quiet environment in privacy, while others find it easier to maintain attention in a livelier atmosphere. With a digital learning platform, it is possible to give all employees the right conditions to be able to absorb new knowledge and skills in their everyday life in a natural way.

It is a great pleasure to have Emelie in our team. Follow our Snabbfoting journey!

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