How you can overcome the Forgetting Curve with reinforcement learning

Organizations spend countless resources on formal training, investing in traditional learning methods, designed to enhance performance. But what happens after training is over?

The research says that over 70% of what we learn is forgotten withing 24 hours. Within a week, that drops down to 90%.

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In an increasingly complex digital world, with so much competing for our attention, overcoming the forgetting curve is a formidable challenge. So how do we ensure that our training budgets are achieving the desired results? Meet ECHO, a state-of-the-art mobile reinforcement app, designed to overcome the Forgetting Curve and maximize retention.

It starts with the Swiss VBS training reinforcement plan, a learning program carefully conceptualized and designed by our award-winning team of learning experts.

Each program is unique and fully customized to your organizations learning needs. We’ll map out competencies, identify metrics, build out learning paths, and create a mobile-first reinforcement experience that is truly intelligent, targeted, and just-in-time. Then we flip on the switch and let ECHO work its magic.

A dynamic quiz engine that adapts to your learning needs, curated tips, flashcards, awards, job aids, whatever you need to succeed, and all in an intuitive and user-friendly design.

Create your own reinforcement schedule, and customize your experience. You don’t even need a network connection. Peel back the layers, and you also have an app that generates powerful data and analytics through the Microsoft Power BI system. It will revolutionize the way your organization measures success, and will help you better understand your learners’ needs.

With ECHO, you don’t just get an off-the-shelf app, you get a truly customized mobile learning experience, built from the ground up, and continually supported. We’ll go that extra mile to help your people succeed – that’s the Swiss VBS difference!

So how are you going to bridge the learning/performance gap? It’s time to take your training further, and maximize the potential of your people. With ECHO!

Our Edtech Advisors are happy to support you, should you have any questions! We also have some slots available for a free 2-hour competency mapping workshop with you and your stakeholders.

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