We welcome Veronica Lundberg to the team

Veronica Lundberg, new Chief Marketing Officer at Snabbfoting Group AB, joined our team during the Corona crisis and has now worked with us for a month. Veronica is a doer who likes change and talks passionately about communication based on digital analysis. She is renovating at home and is building her own summer cottage with the motto “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

What opportunities do you look forward to as CMO for Snabbfoting, the fleet-footed edtech company?

To, at an early stage, be able to carry out Snabbfoting’s message about how, as an organization, it’s possible to enable digital learning through the platform that best fits their needs. Something else that appeals to me is the fact that edtech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world — who doesn’t want to experience that journey?!

What is important to convey in your learning content in order to attract the right employees and skills?

The promise of continuous learning to their employees that is also individually adapted. And here’s a cliché: “We live in a world that’s constantly changing as digitalization progresses, and continuous learning will be business-critical. In other words, if you as an organization are to secure your position for the future, you’ll not only have to continuously adapt your product or service — you’ll also have to give your employees the right conditions to manage rapid changes. I believe the organizations that will adapt to a culture that encourages continuous learning are the ones that will come out on top.”

What would you like to see more of in digital learning during the coming year?

Quick and easy learning that has been developed and adapted to the needs of the individual. Technology is fun and I’m fascinated by the opportunities that AI and Machine Learning can provide us with when it comes to individualization.
I also think organizations need to open their eyes to how a digital learning platform can help them secure engaged employees, harness the knowledge that exists and that which can be developed within the company.

Welcome to us at Snabbfoting, Veronica!

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