Lots of news from the big European learning tradeshows in 2020.

We’re back from the tempo and energy that is Learning Technologies in London. As an exhibitor, we were on location with our partners to demonstrate eXact learning solutions’ powerful LCMS as well as our modern and adaptive learning solutions.

LT20UK set the attendee record on the very first day, and close to 10,000 attendees were there. During these two eventful days, ExCel London Center was filled with decision makers and buyers meeting hundreds of vendors and attending presentations on learning and development. Our team with eXact learning solutions had a well-frequented booth, and we noted a considerable interest from visitors.


Ewa Hutmacher: January and February is that time of year, lots to do both for me and for my customers. In January, I was at Learntec, the largest L&D tradeshow in Europe with around 400 vendors, taking in the trends and developments of the industry. I spoke to vendors, our Swiss partners, and dove into a number of interesting learning solutions.

To maintain a strategic perspective and be able to assess the future capabilities, I looked at the digital maturity of the Nordics in relation to the international market. This gave me an insight into which education and learning solutions show the way forward, and which ones have lost their lead and are losing traction.

Snabbfoting is continuously shortlisting vendors that we want to work with. We understand what’s out there, and what clients are asking for from a learning solution. What happens internationally drives development in the Nordic edtech market.

The Nordic market still differ from the global. What’s trending and more common in Europe?

The European and global markets clearly show a demand for niche efficent technologies. Platforms and content that are engaging, as well as individualized, short-format learning solutions. This year’s insight is that the global market are still ahead and demand efficient technologies like LXP (learning experience platforms), adaptive learning with AI and tangible VR/AR applications. There are also many examples of gamification and mobile learning to help make content engaging.
The European market sees a broader range of efficient technologies and more attractive learning solutions that contribute to a user-adapted experience than we typically see in the Nordics. It’s very exciting to see the potential in these solutions.
We frequently come across learning investments with good fundamentals and a good dialog around efficient learning. By placing the individual front-and-center, and by integrating different platforms with APIs, it’s possible to leverage powerful learning metrics, adaptive learning and social learning platforms.

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Ewa Hutmacher, CEO, Snabbfoting

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