Building a learning organization

What makes an organization a learning organization?

In a constantly changing world, being able to deal with and adapt to change is crucial for individuals and organizations. So how is this achieved?


The objectives of the organization should set the direction. While this seems obvious it is an important point. Learning within the organization should not only provide its employees with transferable skills but also skills that equip them to achieve organizational objectives.


Agree on what learning is! Having internal alignment on what learning is while seemingly simple is key. All too often, when you ask within the same organisation what learning is you will receive differing answers and opinions.


Learning or digitalization?

With a growing focus on mobile and digital first, having a clear understanding on what you want to do and how, will define your success in building a learning organization. Does your organization have the digital maturity required? Knowing what you want to do will determine where digitalization is the right answer.


How do you motivate people to engage and take ownership of their learning?

It’s important to offer your employees more than one outcome. We are all driven by different things, be it being the best in our field, a qualification, staying employable or the desire for individual development. Offering more than one outcome will help motivate your employees.


Organisational culture is key

Fostering a curiosity to learn, willingness to experiment and original ideas will drive a learning organization and culture.


Implementing tools and solutions that are clear and simple to use. Intuitive tools in the workplace will drive the learning experiences of your employees. By having these in your organization, the focus will be on learning rather than the complexity of a system.

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Ewa Hutmacher, CEO, Snabbfoting Group AB