Press release: Mobile-first and at the forefront of modern learning. Snabbfoting Group partners with SwissVBS AG

PRESS RELEASE, 4/09/2018

Mobile-first and at the forefront of modern learning. Snabbfoting Group partners with SwissVBS AG as their Nordic reseller of ECHO.

The prerequisites for corporate learning audiences have changed and are transforming the learning market. This has a large impact on the learning and development industry, and Snabbfoting Group is at the forefront of the learning field with efficient, mobile-first, bite-sized, and reinforcement learning solutions.


Snabbfoting Group is partnering with SwissVBS, as their reseller to bring ECHO, a leading microlearning platform, and reinforcement app, to the Nordic market.


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With mobile-first and platform-as-a-service, corporate employees receive learning at their own pace on their mobile device, with efficient reinforcement or microlearning when they want it. We make learning efficient in terms of time, money, and improved ROI.

Snabbfoting Group’s primary purpose with ECHO is to help organizations:

Maximize Training ROI with Reinforcement

Today formal classroom training is a bulky, outdated business. But what happens after the initial training moment? Do you really remember all of it and can you implement it in your work? ECHO protects your learning investments by helping your people cement the knowledge they’ve acquired into long-term memory.

Avoid Expensive Relearning and Increase the Learning Curve

With minimal investment, ECHO delivers long-lasting learning in a far more effective way than traditional blended and costly learning sessions.

Empower Teams with Actionable Data

Learning data is so much more than learning completion metrics! ECHO comes with six standard dashboards and 50 real-time metrics to equip your team with unprecedented actionable data that tell you exactly who needs what and takes the guess-work out of the successful transfer of learning.


Ewa Hutmacher, CEO and founder, Snabbfoting Group. I’m looking forward to implementing our powerful learning solutions with ECHO’s efficient analytics in the Nordic market.


About Snabbfoting Group AB

Snabbfoting, founded in 2014, is an innovative EdTech company. We made a disruptive transformation during 2018 and transformed to a dedicated EdTech advisor and L&D consultancy, with three years’ business development in education, microlearning, and efficient mobile-first learning. Snabbfoting Group specializes in bite-sized and reinforcement learning solutions. We consult on strategy, platform-as-a-service, and manage implementation on selected platforms.

About SwissVBS AG

Founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, SwissVBS AG is a multi-year, award-winning, full-service digital learning design and production agency. SwissVBS has created learning solutions for some of the world’s most prestigious companies including Allianz, Colgate, Continental, Deutsche Bank, GE, Nestle, Novartis, and Schindler. They have extensive experience in creating digital learning solutions for more than two million learners. With offices in Toronto, Munich, and St. Gallen, SwissVBS has assembled a top-notch team of educational designers, systems architects, and media professionals.

Contact details

Ewa Hutmacher, CEO and founder, Snabbfoting Group

Phone: +46 70-769 57 10

Email: [email protected]


Shahin Sobhani, President, CEO and founder, SwissVBS